NHS commissioners invite slough parents/carers to take part in Flu survey

Closed 26 Mar 2020

Opened 13 Feb 2020

Results expected 16 Apr 2020

Feedback expected 16 Apr 2020


Each year, NHS commissioners in East Berkshire join forces with partner agencies to try and protect people from flu, especially those more at risk of developing serious complications such as people aged 65 and over; pregnant women; and young children. These groups are all eligible for a free flu vaccination on the NHS.

Whilst the uptake of the vaccine is generally good in many of the groups and in line with national averages, Slough, has always seen a lower uptake of the children’s flu immunisation than other local areas. Despite local efforts to address this, there have been no significant changes over the years.

Why We Are Consulting

This survey has been designed to explore the potential reasons for the lower uptake of the flu vaccine in children in Slough, and is specifically aimed at parents/carers of children aged between 2 and 11 years old.

The children’s flu vaccine is a quick and painless nasal spray given either at a GP surgery or in primary school.

NHS commissioners and their partners would like to take this opportunity to thank respondents in advance for taking the time to complete this survey.