"Your voice matters" - how did you find the Versus Arthritis masterclass service? Share your views

Closes 9 Oct 2019

Opened 10 Jul 2019


Versus Arthritis Masterclasses provide patients living with osteoarthritis various conservative methods to manage OA, educate them on effects of hip/knee procedures and provide the patints with confidence to self-manage their condition in long term.

The consultation is to evaluate effectiveness of the Versus Arthritis Masterclasses for patients 6 to 8 months post attending the workshop across our local area. Versus Arthritis staff will contact patients who attended between 1st Sept 18 to 31st Dec 2018 asking them to complete the feedback.

Why We Are Consulting

The whole purpose of setting up a masterclasses for patients living with osteoarthritis is to provide a shared decision making service to empower the patients in understanding their condition and keeping them healthy in the long term.

It is critical for us to ascertain the effectiveness of the services from the patient's perspective in order to make positive changes to the service.

Your honest feedback will help us understand what your expectations are, how you feel 6 to 8 months post attending the masterclasses.